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Bilal was a black slave, almost certainly the son of slaves, and is believed to have been from Abyssinia (now known as Ethiopia).  Being born into servitude, he probably never expected life to offer him more than hard work, pain and drudgery.  However Bilal walked the earth at a very momentous time.  

He was a slave in the city of Mecca when an unlettered man began to call the people to worship One God.  This man was Muhammad, the Messenger of God, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, and his message was for all of humanity.  

When a person is poor or destitute, hungry or afraid, or beaten bruised and broken, a message infused with the concepts of mercy, forgiveness and justice is very appealing.  The down trodden were just the sort of people who flocked to the side of Prophet Muhammad, eager to take comfort in his words, and deeds.  

Bilal, possibly the first African to convert to Islam accepted the message whole heartedly.  Life for Bilal was about to get a great deal worse.  Like a drowning man holding the rope that will drag him to safety, Bilal clung to the words of the One God and they were essential in saving his lifeā€¦..
Muslim Warrior Story Bilal Ibn Rabah From Slavery to Freedom
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