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Charlie, Don't Be a Hero' is a moving story from a mother's heart about her son, Charles Keating IV, an All-American boy who grew up to become a heroic U.S. Navy SEAL. At age thirty-one, his death by ISIS in 2016 on the battlefields in Iraq made headlines worldwide. His story, told only as a mother can tell it, is that of an extraordinary young man whose love of family and country propelled him to incredible heights as a soldier and as a person. She helps us remember that the men and women who serve our country are sons and daughters, mothers and fathers. Krista Keating-Joseph touchingly shares the gut-wrenching emotions she and her family experienced, and how her faith in God never wavered, but strengthened. Her stories of Charlie growing up as an extremely adventurous, fun-loving boy show how he would one day be perfectly suited for the mental and physical toughness of a SEAL who ultimately made a huge difference in so many people's lives. Krista's pride in how her son lived brings support to any parent who has lost a child.
'Charlie, Don't be a Hero'
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