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The Chef's Répertoire e-book is the perfect electronic reference for every hospitality professional, food writer/blogger, and culinary enthusiast. This user-friendly inventory describes over 1100 modern classic dishes found on American menus. This e-book makes it very easy to find information from pronunciation and origin to ingredients and techniques.

Each entry describes the natural sequence of a dish in concise phrases using a chef's vocabulary. This e-book offers a convenient place to reference classic dishes that compose modern American cuisine. A complete list of dishes with hyperlinks to each entry is included.

- Stocks & Base Sauces
- Sauces
- Soups
- Appetizers
- Eggs
- Fish & Seafood
- Meats & Poultry
- Pasta
- Salads
- Sandwiches
- Sides
- Desserts

From the book jacket:

"Gui has created a quick-reference inventory that everyone working in the hospitality industry should own."
Rick Tramonto, Executive Chef
Culinary Director, Tramonto Cuisine & Tramonto Steakhouse

"Chef Gui's répertoire is a short version of many international recipes which will delight professionals and cooks with basic culinary knowledge."
Marie-Annick Courtier,

"In a flash, you are reminded of a recipe or technique that you might need to reference. This book will be attached to my kitchen counter!"
Ariane Daguin,

"Alinat's répertoire lists the modern classic recipes chefs must have at their fingertips. This book should be on the desk of every high-end restaurant chef."
J. Hugh McEvoy, President, Chicago Research Chefs

"As a food columnist, blogger, and cookbook author, I am always in search of inspiration to kick-start a recipe. This book is a perfect resource."
Jaden Hair,
The Chef's Répertoire
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